1162 Fighting for the Motherland | War Action film HD

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In Chinese

Synopsis: The historic war action film "Xin Qiji 1162 #辛棄疾 Fighting For The Motherland" tells that during the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty, One of the greatest poets, also the chivalrous Xin Qiji witnessed the fall of the north, the war in the Central Plains region and people's miserable life. He was determined to recover the Central Plains region, pacify the north, and serve for national reunification. He gathered 2000 villagers to join Geng Jing's self-organized army to fight against the Jin army. However, when Xin Qiji attacked with martial strategies as well as valiancy all the way and triumphed repeatedly, Marshal Geng Jing was killed. Xin Qiji's passion was ignited by the concern for his country and the revenge for his battlefield brother. Finally, he killed the enemy's leader, captured the traitor alive, and returned to the Song court, embarking on the road of serving the country.

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