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[Full Movie] Longmen Town Inn | Action film HD

7 Views· 09/28/22
In Chinese

Synopsis: The martial arts action film "Longmen Town Inn 龍門鎮客棧" tells that the peerless swordsman master Wolong, tired of gratitude and hatred, established Longmen Town in the depths of the desert, specially accommodating people who want to live in seclusion, making Longmen Town a "paradise" for people who practiced kung fu. Longmen Town stands alone in the desert. No one knows its specific location. There is only one Longmen Town Inn welcoming guests from the outside, which is the only entrance to Longmen Town. Wei Pingan, a small figure in this world, wants to live a glorious life of "fish leaping over the dragon's gate". He meets his confidant Luo Xiaoman in Longmen Town. Under the influence of love, Wei Pingan has the courage to take responsibility after making a big mistake. For the sake of justice and the common people, he does not hesitate to "destroy his relatives" who are his biological father and brother, and finally becomes a real hero.

故事简介:武侠动作电影《龙门镇客栈 Longmen Town Inn》讲述绝世高手卧龙剑仙因厌倦江湖恩仇,在大漠深处创建龙门镇,专门收留金盆洗手的江湖人士,使龙门镇成为武林人士向往的“桃花源”。龙门镇孤悬沙漠,没人知道具体方位,唯有一家龙门镇客栈在外迎客,那便是龙门镇唯一入口。武林小人物魏平安一心想要过上“鱼跃龙门”的辉煌人生,在龙门镇遇到了自己的红颜知己洛小满。在爱的感化下,魏平安在酿成大错之后勇于承担责任,为了江湖正义和黎民苍生,不惜“大义灭亲”对抗自己的生父和兄弟,最后成为真正的武林英雄。

出品 Studio: 杭州书琴文化 Shuqin Culture,上海瀚赢文化 Hanying Culture.
发行 Distributed by: 威振国际 Yingfilm Production.
制片人 Produced by: 柏舒漫 Bo Shuman, 雷晨钰 Lei Chenyu, 李文洁 Li Wenjie.
导演 Directed by: 殷清泽 Yin Qingze.
编剧 Screenplay by: 黎辉 Li Hui, 孟露 Meng Lu.
主演 Starring: 程启蒙 Cheng Qimeng, 钱思怡 Qian Siyi, 张维威 Zhang Weiwei, 潘彦妃 Pan Yanfei, 吕思含 Lv Sihan.
题材 Genres: 武侠 Wuxia, Martial Arts, 动作 Action.

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