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[Full Movie] Taiping Town | Kung Fu Action film HD

12 Views • 09/28/22

Synopsis: The kung fu action movie "Bloody Way Out Taiping Town 殺出太平鎮" takes the period of the Republic of China as the background time. It was rumored that Taiping (Peace) Town was a City of Sin where murderers and bandits gathered. Tian Long was in charge here. He had Four Assassins and as long as they were defeated, Tianlong's power could be destroyed. Yao Tingsen, the captain of Jiang City police station, wanted to go to Peace Town to eradicate the evil force, in fact, it was far from as simple as what he thought...

故事简介: 功夫动作电影《杀出太平镇 Bloody Way Out Taiping Town》讲述民国年间,传言太平镇是个“罪恶之城”,杀人犯、土匪等都聚集于此,而天龙是这里的掌权者,他的手下有四大金刚,只要打败了这四大金刚,天龙的势力就能瓦解。江城警署大队长姚廷森欲前往天平镇铲除恶势力,承受着妻子与兄弟相继死去的痛苦仍然同黑恶势力斗争的故事。

出品 Studio: 梓阳文化传媒 Ziyang Media.
制片人 Produced by: 石军 Shi Jun, 杜松磊 Du Songlei.
导演 Directed by: 刘子赫 Liu Zihe.
编剧 Screenplay by: 郭帅 Guo Shuai, 张晶伟 Zhang Jingwei, 刘子赫 Liu Zihe.
主演 Starring: 言杰 Yan Jie, 赵聪 Zhao Cong, 何翔 He Xiang.
题材 Genres: 动作 #Action 功夫 #kungfu 警匪 Law Enforcement.

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