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History Summarized: South Africa

7 Views· 12/11/22

In the past few centuries, few corners of the African Continent were quite as busy as the south. It's a winding river from the first migrations and waves of colonists in the Cape Colonies to the Rainbow Nation we know today, so let's dive in and see how it all played out!

SOURCES & Further Reading for Black History Month:
— "The African Experience From 'Lucy' to Mandela" From the Great Courses Plus, lectures 15-18 "South Africa: The Dutch Cape Colony & The Zulu Kingdom & Frontier and Unification & Diamonds and Gold", 26 "Segregation and Apartheid in South Africa", and 32 "The South African Miracle"

— "Born A Crime" by Trevor Noah: https://bookshop.org/books/bor....n-a-crime-stories-fr
— Home Team History is a YouTube channel covering all corners of the African continent. They have several videos about Southern Africa, such as "A History of Stone Architecture in Southern Africa" (https://youtu.be/0U4Wu3CmL0U) and "Southern Africa: The Birthplace of Iron Mining" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9HO0ORrzhQ), and "A history of the Xhosa People" (https://youtu.be/axajPiZnDqo)
— Lastly, looking to modern times, it's important to recognize how the COVID crisis has exacerbated massive preexisting disparities between healthcare for Black and minority communities and that of white Americans. It's not enough to just acknowledge history, we all have a responsibility to understand modern problems and work on solutions. Read more: (https://www.scientificamerican.....com/article/too-man and please consider Donating to support the NAACP's COVID relief programs: (https://naacp.org/coronavirus/....coronavirus-resource

With special thanks to the members of our discord community who helped polish my script: Holben, Klieg, Good Hunter, and Sticc (who has a History of Africa podcast: https://www.listennotes.com/po....dcasts/history-of-af

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