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Enslaved Since Childhood, Poor Boy Turned Out to be a Swordsman with the Deadliest Skill

Forced into slavery in ancient China two boys become like brothers. Aspiring to be free one day they train to hone their skills. The training almost pays off, but one of them is whisked away by one of the emperor's men before its completion. The dream of reuniting with his brother are dashed when the older boy returns mortally wounded only to extract a promise from his younger friend to visit a location. There has been a coup in the palace and the Emperor is bereft of his throne and supporters.

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The Winlos live from the Lagos Hangout 2022

#TheWinlos #SkitCouple #Relationshipandmarriage

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⁣Why a lady makes her husband manhood stop working because of her boyfriend

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Acorda follows the story of a young Ghanaian boy, Kwame, as he lives out his days in a college dormitory during the pandemic. Strange event's lead him to believe he's losing his mind only to discover that all is not as it seems.

Produced by the SAUIEC TV Team of Shenyang Aerospace University (China)

Starring Kwame Brenya and Norah Jefferson

Distributor: Ka-GP Group

Directed by: Maria Jose Valoi

Assistant Director: Kennedy Mwita

A film by Martin Ndenya (M.AV)

Story by: Zubby Lou

#MAV #shortfilm

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Joy City Shopping Street 大悦城, No.6-1
Xiaodong Road in the Dadong District 大东区.Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China.

The heavily crowded Xiaodong Road is near the must-see locations Mansion of Zhang张氏帅府 and the Imperial Palace 沈阳故宫in Shenyang.

This old and narrow street is full of people, It is thriving with many new developments and a lot of shops and malls.

At Night, there's a nice cyberpunk feeling due to the heavy illumination and light on the buildings which also gives a nice
the atmosphere for shopping and eating some street food.

Thank you for watching my video. This channel will continue to publish videos about walking in the city.

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