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Ethiopia is an ancient country whose unique cultural heritage, rich history, and remarkable biodiversity attract many, and makes it one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.Compelling antiquities, beautiful Mountains, the spectacular volcanic landscapes, and a wealth of mammals and birds found nowhere else in the world, there is plenty to see in this East African nation.Ethiopia, An East African country, Ethiopia shares borders with Eritrea and Djibouti to the north, Somalia to the east, Kenya to the south, South Sudan to the west, and Sudan to the northwest.With a population of over 110 million people, Ethiopia is the second-most populous nation in Africa after Nigeria, and the most populous nation in East Africa. Its capital Addis Ababa is one of the most important cities in Africa, and it is considered as Africa’s political capital due to the presence of many African organizations in the city.A multicultural society, Ethiopia is home to over 80 ethnic groups with different cultures, traditions and of Corse rich history. There many interesting facts about Ethiopia “the land of origins”, And in this video, we are going to look at the 10 Most Interesting Facts About Ethiopia.

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[Falling into You 炽道] In a high school sports trial, Duan Yucheng, a high-spirited young man who loves high jump but is limited by his height, met his talent scout, the experienced athletics assistant Luo Na. In order to get more professional guidance and help, Duan Yucheng made every effort to enroll at the university where Luo Na coaches, and became a member of Luo Na's team, started to pursue his dream of high jumping. Pursuing dream is a very cruel thing, you have to experience injuries, failures, and loneliness that none can understand. But pursuing dream is also very sweet, because every bit of joy of improvement can transcend the pain of the body and the doubts of others. Starting from the school-level competition, then to the municipal, provincial, National University Games, and the National Athletics Championships, Duan Yucheng climbed step by step. No matter how far he goes, there is only one thing that will never change - the blazing track is his only belief.

★Starring: Jin Chen / Wang Anyu / Chi Jia / Li Zhuozhao / Zhang Kaiying / Liu Guancheng / Jiang Yushun / Guo Jinqi

[Falling into You] EP01 | Athlete Falls for His Coach while Chasing Dream | Jin Chen/Wang Anyu|


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